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eBay's apathy is beyond belief!

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OK, so I reported a couple of auctions this morning as Counterfeit through eBay's reporting links. One of those auctions was reported here (the c/f 1807 cbh), the others belong to a local guy I know who constantly removes mintmarks from teens Barber halves and other coins which he will profit from doing so. Scum...


Anyway, here's the nicely packaged response I got from eBay this afternoon.



Dear eBay Member,


Thank you for writing eBay in regard to suspicious coin listings.


Because eBay does not employ or train its Trust & Safety Customer

Support Representatives to be experts in the area of coins and currency,

we rely on expert opinions from knowledgeable people as well as reliable

third party organizations, such as the American Numismatic Association



Your report will be reviewed by a group of members that comprise a

community watch group for coin auctions. They then confer amongst

themselves and either agree or disagree that the listings are

problematic. They then forward that information to the ANA for review.

The ANA can then agree or disagree after careful consideration. If they

agree, they then contact the seller directly. Sellers are then afforded

24 hours in which to revise or cancel the auctions. If they fail to do

so, eBay must cancel the auction.


Please be sure to check our Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items

pages for information on eBay listing policies and guidelines:




If you received an informational alert or warning, and you have

additional questions, or you have another listing to report, please

contact us at the following link:




In order for us to get to you in a timely manner, please do not respond

to this email. If you reply to this message we will not receive your

email. All communications should be sent to the link provided above.


Again, thank you for your report. We appreciate your help in keeping

eBay a safe and reputable forum to conduct business.



eBay Customer Support


Original Message Follows:




Listing Violations > Prohibited (banned items) > Items with a face value

(currency, coupons, etc.) > Counterfeit currency


Item Number(s):

320152597692 L22 $US US !43333! 062201



I don't remember seeing anything in the numismatist, or any ANA publication about a staff who consults with eBay on these items. Is eBay blowing smoke up our *spoon* by hiding behind the ANA? Are the governing members even aware of such a "procedure"?

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Ebay is definitely stalling. Even if such a panel existed(which I doubt sincerely) imagine the time it would take for such a series of events to take place. The auction would almost certainly be over and too late for the poor sucker bidders.

Buyer better beware!

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