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I'm holding a charity auction to benifit two children's charities...

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I finally made the plunge to joining here... I'm sure many of you know me from across the street (first time I've said that). Well, if you were across the street, you might remember a charity auction that I held at the beginning of the year that raised $1700 for cancer research... well, it's time for another. I decided I wanted my first post to be meaningful, so I think this qualifies...


I've decided that the auction page will be held on my own website, and not a message board, but of course, the more support I get, the better.


Here's the post:






As some may recall, in the beginning of this year, I organized an auction for the benefit of Pancreatic Cancer Research on these boards. With the help of countless generous board members, we raised $1700, which is an incredible sum!


With the overwhelming support I received, I have decided that this should be a more common event, not a one-time event. Thus, it is time, after the summer lull, to begin a second auction. First, I will tell you the charities I have chosen to sponsor, then I will explain how the auction will work- we have some real goodies coming up!


To reach a broader sprectrum, I have chosen two charities this time. Each will receive 50% of the proceeds of the auction. There will be no profit to anyone, and I will make sure that even excess shipping charges become donations.


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital- This hospital is focused on children and pediatric disease. Their efforts work to both find cures for catastrophic childhood illnesses, especially cancers, as well as treating children while conducting necessary research. Currently, their most common research is on such procedures as chemotherapy, the structure of cancerous and non-cancerous cells, and why some people don't respond to treatments. To learn more, you can visit the linked website.


The Healing Heart Foundation- Cancer is, as most know, a terrible illness in many senses, such as learning about it, living with it, and coping with a family member's struggle. I know I've witnessed all three, and it can be devestating. What is worst of all, though, is watching someone suffer with an illness. The Healing Heart Foundation is a research fund for the research of pain therapy for children with cancer. They work to find methods to keep people from feeling the terrible pains that their diseases and treatments inflict. By helping to cure the pain, one's mind can be off their illness, which can lead to a possible recovery. If a recovery is not possible, at the very least, one will not be suffering through a devestating fight.



Now, how will this auction work? First, donations will be accepted. Any items that you may have and would like to donate can be included- American coins (moderns, colonial, classics- any), world coins, books, supplies, etc. I will take donations by mail, or if it is difficult to first ship to me, I can pass someone's address to you (although it is easier for me to catalog all items- but for now, that is irrelevant). When I receive items, I will catalog them on my computer and store them securely. Finally, when I feel I have enough items (maybe in a month's time to allow for various shipping speeds), I will begin the auction, with the donors' names concealed- everything is anonymous. The auction will be on the message boards, and all bids will be anonymous. Bids can be placed by private message or email. Depending on the time frame, when the auction starts, I will also specify its length, allowing for plenty of bidding time.


When the auction has ended, I will collect payment as with any purchase, and ship out your winnings. When all payments have been received, I will announce the total amount earned, and provide an image of the two checks.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Also, feel free to keep this message at the top of the boards.


If you would like to donate items to benefit these wonderful causes, please send me a private message and I will provide my address to you. Also, if you would simply like to send a monetary donation, I too can accept that.


Thank you for your time and support- I look forward to another great auction!




Jeremy Katz

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