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PR-68 Morgan - Ultra Cameo

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Ok new to the forum...this is my first post cool.gif


Received this coin a few days ago! My understanding it that there is only one other PR Morgan rated higher by NGC and Zero rated higher by PCGS.


The photo does not do it justice...it is a beautiful coin...deep mirrors...amazing cameo.


The coin is considered to be in the top 1-2% of proof Morgans.


Mintage on this coin was around 550.





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Hi and welcome. That's a nice looking coin, was it on Legend's site? Also, is it truly blast white or does it have a tiny amount of light gold toning on it?

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Yes that is the one off the Legend Site. It is blast white...deep deep mirrors...looks like a medal. Beautiful coin. There is a very slight gold toning right along the rim of the coin...


It looks very much like the photo there. The white area is very white. Beautiful cameo!

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Thanks for showing me an old friend. As some of you may know, I do the bulk of the imaging for Legend nowadays. (No comments from the peanut gallery please!) It is hard to accurately describe the difficulty in accurately imaging such a pristine coin. The depth and clarity of the mirrors contrasting with the perfect and abundant frostiness of the devices is something that is very hard to do with our setup.


George actually took that picture using an imaging method I developed a couple of weeks ago. I have since developed a better method that I would love to try on that monster if I ever get that coin back in our office. I guarantee that I can make it nearly perfectly round, totally b&w cameo, and with absolutely no glare.


I know that many folks do their own imaging and do a very good job. Our problem is what everyone else has, plus we refuse to let the images come out better than the coins really are (no smoothing of the cheek, for example) and we have to do everything in an assembly line way because we have so many coins to image on a regular basis.


On rare occasion, I do take an image that is better than the coin really is. And, that's from a first take with no tweaking of brightness or contrast. George groused at me the other day when I made a 66 look like a 68. He said "go do this over!" I laughed heartily at this because when I first started, he hated my images. Now, he wants me to dumb one down... lol!


BTW, with that faux 68, all I did was put the coin on the copystand and snapped the picture. No muss, no fuss -- until George yelled at me! (Yes, the coin was PQ for the grade.)




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