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For you EAC'ers, Lady in Pennsylvania finds 1793 Chain Cent digging in garden.

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Well, I had a link but seen all the copy right stuff, so here's part of the story lifted from the news article...kind of scared me.






BURNHAM, Pa. - A penny saved is a penny earned, but a 1793 penny found in a Pennsylvania woman's garden is probably worth a lot more.


Name protected, first thought she had picked up a quarter while planting flowers in June. Then she saw the date and thought it was a bicentennial coin.


At work the next day, protected said she had the office in an uproar.


Co-workers searched the Internet and identified the coin as a 1793 copper "chain" cent. The front featured Lady Liberty and the back had a circle of 15 chain links representing the 15 states in the union at that time.


Though protected's coin was heavily corroded, she said a specialist told her it still could be worth 15 hundred to three thousand dollars.



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Thss! whats a the fuss about on such a moden coin !!


lol lol lol


sorry could not help myself (you know how old the stuff is we find in the UK)


NO but thats a stunning find could you emagen what see could find if she had a detector !!!!!






A bit of age for you !!






wonder which one it was


1793 Chain

1793 Ameri in legend

1793 America with periods

1793 America without Periods


or are there some more i dont know about ?

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