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I am shocked and ashamed...

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...to admit that I actually bought a modern at a coin show today! Here it is:

1964 1964 Reverse

1964 another look


I'll admit, it's nothing spectacular, but it just struck me as a really pretty coin. It's odd for a proof though, since it seems to have more of an orange peel strike on the fields, and rather than the deep mirrors on the obverse seems to have more cartwheel luster. Pretty odd, but still pretty in my opinion.

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I'm surprised that you'd buy a coin just because you liked it. What's wrong with you? That stinkin' coin gets you ZERO reg pts. It ain't even slabbed. How do you know it's genuine? How do you know that it hasn't been played with?


Ok, that was the evil me. The EVILprowler!


As for the real EVP, I say that it's a nice coin. I have a few modern proofs in those cardboard holders too. They are nice.


Regarding your comment of the rev luster, please remember that when a planchet gets stamped by the dies, there will always be radial lines. If you like, you can use the word "trough". Anyway, it is those inevitable radial lines that give you the luster. Every coin has those, no matter how specially processed the planchets and dies were. Of course, not all radial lines were created equal!


Something to think about...




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The orange peel effect is not all that unusual for Proofs. I have always been of the opinion that it generally appears on coins struck late in a Proof dies life.


On some coins - I even find the effect appealing.

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Maybe odd, but it'll soon take you over! This is how I buy practically all of my coins now, the series I "collect" or not! Congrats! Now get that puppy gold plated! laugh.gif



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