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  1. The New Zealand Mint completely shut down its operations on August 17th of this year because of a covid outbreak in the country. Easier for New Zealand to do than most countries because it is an island nation. Yesterday they reopened and began shipping orders again. During their shutdown they were still taking orders on new issues they had scheduled for release. I had a concern because all of the coins I buy from the New Zealand Mint I submit, as soon as I get them, for the First Release label. I had hoped that NGC would push out the cutoff dates for the First/Early Release labels on the coins being impacted but just received a response that they will not be pushing back the cutoff date. For me, the coins being impacted are the Star Wars Baby Yoda (Grogu) Holiday coin, the Disney Holiday Coin, and the Chibi Deathstroke coin. There are other coins that were sold during that period that will also be impacted that I didn't purchase. With the cutoff date for these coins only 5 days away (Sep 27th) it's possible someone may get their shipment in time to submit in the mail before the cutoff, although shipments from New Zealand take a little longer to get here. I was hoping NGC would allow people to submit their invoice paperwork showing the date the coin was purchased and submit the coins in their unopened shipment box showing the date shipped. That would at least be a way to show the coin was bought before the cutoff deadline, even though it wasn't received in time to ship in for the First/Early Release cutoff date. Bottom line, if you collect First/Early Release New Zealand Mint Coins, there may be a very small population of the coins impacted from the New Zealand Mint shutdown, or potentially none at all.
  2. Hi Ali, My first time requesting slots from here (be gentle). Didn't even know I was supposed to do it this way. Sucks getting old. Hope you and all the crew are doing great. Here is my request: Canada - Commemorative - Silver $25, 2007-Date, Proof 2862547-002 2018 Canada S$25 King Of Clubs Alexander The Great, PF 2862547-003 2018 Canada S$25 King Of Diamonds Julius Caesar, PF 2862547-004 2018 Canada S$25 King Of Hearts Charlemagne, PF 2862547-005 2018 Canada S$25 King Of Spades Biblical David Cheers, Dan