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  1. Anyone know the worth of these little babies
  2. I’m not part of a currency forum just here I don’t usually deal in currency I just save coins
  3. I came across these when I went to buy a coin from someone … does anyone have an idea about them
  4. Yea that helps I’m I.D.I.OT and just asked instead of research VDB on the bottom reverse in 1909 then moved to be less noticeable which worked because I’ve never really noticed before 😂 thanks Mohawk
  5. Are those letters imprinted on the arm by the ridge?
  6. Thanks for this it is most insightful I’m bookmarking this … so these pennies are diddaly squat
  7. Yes this helps learning all this now is crazy when I’ve handled coins all my life
  8. So the lines going through them are from the press?
  9. There is hardly any wear on them the edges are sharp dates an words