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  1. Thanks @NickiO CS, I just looked it up, so is this not valid anymore as it says the label is eligible for all submissions “and” bulk orders. When did it change to just bulk orders?
  2. If I were to submit the 2021 Morgan dollar and Peace dollar coins to be graded, would I still be able to have them have the 100th Anniversary Label with it? Appreciate any input!
  3. Hi @KaileeS CS last question I think, I want to send in the 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars for grading so I can get the Morgan and Peace dollar special labels along with the First Release designations, do I have to send them in with the original packaging to qualify for the special labels and first release designations? If I dont have to send in the original packaging, on my invoice I had selected the option to return original packaging, is it okay to cross it off and initial and maybe note that the original packaging does not need to be returned? Or should I redo the invoice to not have it elected? I just dont want to confuse what invoices I have out or pending etc. My hope is I can cross off the return packing option so I dont get charged. Hope that makes sense and thank you for your help!
  4. @KaileeS CS @powermad5000 thank you for the info and suggestions. And just to be sure, the capsules that the US mint sends the coins in, I am allowed to leave the coins in them? And if its a US mint capsule does NGC charge that fee to open them? I know anything I can do to make it easy for NGC is ideal, I unfortunately had an accident and have only one usable hand and would prefer a steady hand to take them out for me =/
  5. Hi Everyone, I am what I consider a novice coin collector. A very beginner especially with submitting coins to NGC. I am just wondering if I were to submit Proof Silver Eagles, do I need to take them out of the plastic holder and the blue fuzzy container that they come in before submitting them? Also, do I do the same for the Peace/Morgan dollars as well? I am just nervous taking them out of the plastic holders and figured NGC has a better way of handling it. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.
  6. Thank you Lisa, I apologize for posting here, I'll be patient going forward, I feel that if expectations would have been set better initially I wouldn't be asking now. Thank you for the explanations, just dont want my things to get lost in the sea of submissions, and its my first time so I am not familiar with the processes. Thank you for the patience with me on my follow ups. Please notify me when you have an answer.
  7. Not sure what I need to do here, the communication has been sparse with the customer service. I officially sent in my first 3 coins to be graded (ever and was very excited about it), I sent all three coins in with the original mint packaging boxes which included the CoA's for the three coins and the blue coin box that the silver eagles come in. I marked on the paperwork that I wanted the mint packaging returned as well and was even charged. I am getting very nervous as I feel like my request is getting forgotten and the service team has said they will look for it but nobody ever follows up, its been a month and no information has been sent to me regarding my concerns. My last contact was a few days ago and they said they are behind, but what I dont understand is why wouldnt I have received my mint packaging and COA when I got my coins back? I already have the three coins back graded and in hand. I am missing CoA's for 2019-S Enhanced Reverse proof silver eagle, 2020 Proof 75th anniversary silver eagle, 2021 Proof Silver Eagle. CoAs are highly regarded and extremely important to include with the coin, I just dont see how a value can be placed on CoA if it is lost. I dont want to lose faith in NGC but I am holding on with hope that they will find it and send it to me...