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  1. I'd like to suggest a new set: Tristan da Cunha non-circulating silver 50 pence, including 2850238-003 Thanks.
  2. I'd like to add a subject: Turkish Republic Non-Circulating Silver Commemoratives, Old Lira (1923-2005), including 2855733-010
  3. Hi. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this request, but I would like to have it notated for the West German 10 Deutsche Mark Munich Olympic Commemorative Coins that they are silver. I don't know if cataloguing them as such requires a minimum percentage of the composition to be a certain metal, but these coins are 62.5% silver. There are 6 of these coins, but they are notated as "10M", rather than as "S10M", as others show. The one example that I have submitted is 2855733-006 1972D GERMANY 10M; MUNICH OLYMPICS; ATHLETES KNEELING. Thank you for your time. Jason
  4. Hi Ali (and Company)! I would like to make a set of "Indian"/Indigenous Tribes/First Nations (Shawnee, specifically) coins (starting with 5939210-007 2002 Shawnee Nation S$1). Thank you. Jason
  5. Hi Ali, I'd like to request a set made for commemoratives of Tristan da Cunha 50p. My coin is 2850238-003. If not just Tristan da Cunha, then the 50p Commemoratives of St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha, since they are all one territory.
  6. When I went to set up sets for my Irish coins, the countries I had to choose from were the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom. Yes, they became part of the United Kingdom in 1801, and they used British coinage between 1823-1928. But between the late 10 century to 1823, they had their own coins. I would like to start type sets of Irish coins under British rule (preferably, a category under Ireland) My two coins that I have would be included for type sets under George III (4829008-010) and George IV (4829008-007). Thank you.
  7. Hi! I'm trying to get my 1976 100 Schilling Innsbruck Olympic coin (dated 1976, but released in 1974) (2847956-007) recognized as part of the Winter Olympic Proof and Complete sets. There are several ways the coin has been listed, so I haven't been able to get it accepted as a match to a slot. Would you be willing to help? Thanks.
  8. Hi Ali, Another group I'd like to add are Uruguay Silver Commemorative 1000 pesos. My example is: 1969SO URUGUAY 1000P F.A.O. - SILVER NGC MS 65 4924333-008 Thanks again. Paploo
  9. Hi Ali, I'd like to request an essais and piefort section for French coins, or at least for the Silver 100F pieces. The coin I have to submit is NGC 5900176-001, which is a 1986 PIEFORT FRANCE - ESSAIS & PIEFORTS S100F, NGC MS 65 (Statue of Liberty Centennial). Thanks. Paploo
  10. I’d like to request a set of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) coins. It’s a multinational set.