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  1. After my short Registry experience here are a few notable wishes: - Ability to contact other Registry members. I prefer to be contacted and contact people with mutual Numismatic interests. - New Award for the best type set. - Better Onboarding experience for new users. It was a bid hard to get started with my set and then add coins to it. Maybe instead of forum requests to create new sets/slots can be moved to individual coin view? - Ability to filter Best Collectors rating by Country and/or set category. This is due to: I am not really interested in people who collect coins from all over or modern stuff. But I am interested in people who collect coins from same country and era. - My understanding of the point system is almost nonexistent, but it seems like people who are collecting types of coins that are easy to find and people who collecting coins with NGC population - 1-2 specimens, should not be rated on the same scale. Collectors who own dozens of coins (valued thousands each) are much more interested to me than collectors who managed to assemble set of US state quarters. Rating systems are there to differentiate beginners and average hobbyists from the top. So, I guess it would be nice if number of graded coins (population) would affect numbers of points particular coin add to the collection. Higher the population = more common coin is = less points for the collection.
  2. Thank you for the instructions. I went and added all my coins as per your guide. Set (Germany -> German States -> Stolberg-Stolberg -> Stolberg Countship, Regular Coinage, Type Set, 1715-1796,) is missing one coin type though: 24 MARIENGROSCHEN (2/3 TALER) 1739-1755 (KM-209). Coin: 2848000-024 Could you please address that? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I am new to NGC registry, set I requested has been created but none of my coins can be added yet. I wonder if I need to request them here. Could you please create slots for the following: Germany -> German States -> Stolberg-Stolberg -> Stolberg Countship, Regular Coinage, Type Set, 1715-1796, Circulation Issue 2848000-009 2848000-010 2848000-013 2098466-001 2847998-003 2848000-004 2848000-005 2838658-003 2848000-022 2848000-023 2847998-001 2848000-002 2848000-020 2848000-024 Thank you!
  4. 2847999-001, 2838657-001, 2848000-001, 2848000-002, 2848000-003, 2848000-004, 2848000-005, 2848000-006, 2848000-007, 2848000-008, 2848000-009, 2848000-010, 2848000-011, 2848000-013, 2848000-016, 2848000-017, 2848000-019, 2848000-021, 2848000-022, 2848000-023, 2848000-024, 2098466-001, 2847998-003, 2838658-003, 2847998-002, 2847998-001... And more Stolberg coins being graded by NGC right this moment.
  5. I keep hearing about this fancy NGC Registry Sets functionality and years after functionality been introduced I still do not see a single registry set for coins from Stolberg counties of Holy Roman Empire (German States). On October 2019 when I requested Stolberg sets to be added to the registry, NGC replied: Do we have updates when is this promised "future"? Why NGC cannot simply create an individual sets with all 1/48, 1/24, 1/12,... and so on Thalers issued by Stolberg county? There is nothing custom about such set. You guys keep working on registry sets for coins that cost pennies on a dollar comparing what people who collect Early Modern Period spending on their coins. I want to see other people's Stolberg coinage finally and compete with those people. I am pretty sure other collectors who collect coinage of different German States want the same for our hobby. P.S. Sorry for the rant I will keep complaining every 1-2 years until you guys finally invest some resources in your IT and Software department. Numismatics is sooo behind in a today's world of SaS, Smartphones, and an App for everything... Too bad that NGC is barely moving instead of leading the way.
  6. Almost year after this post, time came to submit second batch of coins for grading. I wrote long email to NGC asking them to share guidelines in which cases and how Details grade is assigned, and even talked to NGC representative over the phone... but not much luck on both fronts. Some information for those of you who will endup reading this forum threat while looking for information: it's possible for cleaned coin (especially old ones) to get numeric grade, but so far there is no "1, 2, 3..." criteria has been published. Light old cleaning might get you numeric grade, harsher cleaning that affects appearance of the coin in question likely to result in details grade... unfortunately, I think at the end of the day it's up to NGC employee/s judgement to assign either or. While googling for information, I found this old forum thread with rare official NGC response on details grade which gives us some insight: I just wish NGC would post education videos or articles on Details grade similar to: As for me personally, I ended up submitting next batch of coins hoping that light old cleaning will not get in a way of getting numeric grade.
  7. Hello. Always looking to buy coins from Stolberg counties of Holy Roman Empire (Stolberg, Stolberg-Stolberg, Stolberg-Rossla, Stolberg-Wernigerode). Interested in higher grade well preserved coins with most details intact VF+ and up, but will consider all offers. Coins graded by NGC or PCGS are preferable, but not required. As long as you see my collection publicly available online search remain ongoing.
  8. Howdy folks. I collect coins from a small county of Holy Roman Empire. Most of the coins intended for circulation issued by theis county would be at least 300 years old today. The problem I'm facing is that many coins on the market from that era are cleaned or polished. What I do not understand, is that some obviously cleaned coins get numeric grade and some Details - cleaned. For instance, MS61: and UNC Details: I just got another 5 raw coins I plan to add to my collection, and I would say 4 out 5 them with visible chaotic hairlines on the fields. Will all those get Details grade, or there are some sort of criteria that grading companies follow when they decide which coin gets a nail in the coffin?
  9. Hello, Can Stolberg counties be added to the list of German States registry sets? Most interesting sets probably would be: Thalers, Stolberg-Wernigerode, Commemorative Issues Thalers, Stolberg-Wernigerode, Circulation Issues Gold Ducates, Stolberg-Wernigerode Gold Ducates, Stolberg-Stolberg Fractional Ducates, Stolberg-Stolberg (maybe unify with Gold Ducates under same set) Fractional Ducates, Stolberg-Rossla 200 years of Reformation by Martin Luther, Stolberg-Stolberg, Commemorative Issue of 1717 Best regards
  10. Thank you, guys. I decided to send it for grading, and it seems it either could be an expensive mistake (mostly in form of grading expenses) or a little bit of luck. Before sending I was able to determine that mint mark is likely to be 'D'. Interesting, if it's a double strike could such mint error worth some extra premium? So far plan is if it's a mint error and worth a grand or two I would probably sell it to cover collecting expenses. If the coin won't be graded, well in such case it would be a hundred dollars lesson. Six Mile Rick, I would be able to send more pictures in a month or so once the coin is back from grading. Hopefully, I sent it in time to get a free Trueview image from the grading company, so if it's a real deal we would have a better look.
  11. Hello, Found this worn 1916 (D or S) buffalo nickel. There is appears to be a doubled die mint error on the reverse of the coin. I'm new to collecting, trying to find out if it's a mint error (some folks voiced an opinion that such effect is due to a scratch from rolling machine), and if it's a mint error should this coin be sent for grading in such worn condition. Any advice is appreciated.