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  1. Thank you. If anything I am not alone here. I guess patience could grant me good things. "Fingers crossed". Thanks again
  2. Reading your posts and I have issues hoping to get your opinions. Currently have 1 submission received by NGC on 6/15/21 still in the “Grading/Quality Control” phase and no one can provide any updates. The second submission was received by NGC in early August and that one is still in the opening mail phase (if that even exists) and can’t get any updates for that one either. Now normally I would NOT be a pest but they recommend me call everyday so as of last week I started doing that only to get very frustrated. Has this ever happened to any of you? Has NGC eventually gotten back on track or should we be looking somewhere else reluctantly. I have always thought NGC was the cream of the crop but starting to doubt myself now especially since my registries include ALL NGC coins and others seem to acquire higher points for non-NGC coins. Thank you.
  3. Couldn't agree more with BlakeEik. They need their own set.