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  1. I’ve been collecting for about 25+ yrs. I just got the 2 today that was released, Morgan’s whoo hoo! Then the other 2 on the 10th. So excited, not at the cost but o’well. Now I need to go back to work haha. Thanks again can always contact me through my email: agmaynard@gmail.com
  2. Thank you for responding. I was figuring that you got a little confused, no worries. I do all that, 95% of my coins are NGC certified. I have all photos of my coins, all are on a spreadsheet in order by category and dates and from where if not from mint. I was just wanted to fill out the form on NGC (this area) a little better of information of the coin. The ones with ?’s are the ones I wanted to to fill out if I really needed to. But not really a big deal, but I have to to really do it haha. I do have a website of my collection if interested www.agmcollection.info . Thanks Al
  3. I would like to really be detailed in describing my coins. I'm starting now to fill it in. Can I get some help in filling in these fields please. Graded by: I know this on haha Certifacation Number: I think it's the NGC/PCGS # Coin Type: ? Item Name: got this one Status: ? DISCRIPTION Origin/Country: got this one Region: ? Period/Circa: ? Design Description: ? Item Discription: ? Composition: thats the metal content Variety: ? Catalog Number: ? Thank you so much for your assistance