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  1. Thank you, you answered my question.
  2. I have a coin: 1929 Venezuela 5B High 9 MS 61 SN: 2803426-002 The assigned variety in incorrect. NGC recognizes “HIGH 9” and “LOW 9” but this coin is neither variety but was incorrectly assigned “HIGH 9” My question is: Since you do not recognize this third variety, can you offer a solution other than not assigning a variety to the coin? For example “Unregistered Variety” or “Unkown Variety” could be stated in the slab. Best regards , Fernando Aguerrevere
  3. Hi Ali. A fríend has asked me for the favor of asking for a new set of coins. VENEZUELA 5C These are several serial number belonging to the new set: 2815942-001 2871970-002 2807997-003 1881152-002 2885564-004 2815942-001 2885564-004 thanks!
  4. Hi Ali! To complete de Venezuelan Central Bank Commemorative Issues: - Silver Commemorative Issues, 1980-Date, Mint State & Proof - Gold Commemorative Issues, 1975-Date, Mint State & Proof I ask that you please add these 5 coins to a new set - Bronze, Brass and Steel Commemorative Issues, 1999-Date, Mint State 1999 VENEZUELA FOUNDING OF MARACAY MINT 3000B (Bronze) SN: 2809982-013 (2001) VENEZUELA PORT OF MARACAY 300TH ANNIVERSARY - BRASS 20KB SN: 4220092-001 SN: 3972749-015 2010 VENEZUELA INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY 25C (Steel) 2010 VENEZUELA CENTRAL BANK ANNIVERSARY 50C (Steel) SN: 2824896-008 2011 VENEZUELA INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY 25C (Steel) SN: 3972751-013 Best wishes. Fernando
  5. Hi Ali. No coins have been added to this set yet. Best wishes. Fernando Venezuela: Gold Commemorative Issues, 1975-Date, Mint State & Proof
  6. Hi Ali: You have included the same coin twice in this set. The two coins are the same, the only difference are the labels. Venezuela Competing Sets Silver Commemorative Issues, 1980-Date, Mint State & Proof Venezuela S1100B 1991 MEETING OF TWO WORLDS DISCOVERY OF AMERICA 1992 COLUMBUS QUINCENTENNIAL Best wishes, Fernando
  7. Thanks! You are correct on not adding the 1965 1/4, my mistake.
  8. Hi Ali! To complete existing sets please add these for Venezuelan coins: To complete: ¼ Bolivar, Silver, 1894-1948, Circulation Issue Please add: To complete: ½ Bolivar, Silver, 1879-1946, Circulation Issue, Please add: Best wishes, Fernando Aguerrevere
  9. I've bought a lot of Venezuelan coins on Heritage. Once I get old enough (I'm 68 years young) I'll consider Heritage to sell my entire collection instead of leaving that pain in the butt to my kids.
  10. When I click on the VarietyPlus link for Venezuela there is only one variety listed: 1872 TACHIRA STAR UNDER DENOMINATION 2R MS. NGC Attribution: TACHIRA STAR UNDER DENOMINATION However there are a lot of varieties listed in the NGC census. Why? Also, I have sent coins for variety designation and they have been returned as "NO VARIETY". There is no way of telling if a coin is not a variety or it has not been designated a variety. As an example, I have the following coins, all Venezuela 5B 1936 The NGC census shows three coins: 1936, 1936 HIGH 3 & 1936 LOW 3. Questions: 1) Is a 1936 different from 1936 HIGH 3 & 1936 LOW 3 or maybe it has not been tested for variety. 2) Are there 3 different coins? Would the 1936 be a "1936 NORMAL 3"? If so, should it state this fact? 3) In general, in the Venezuela 5B census, there are several years that have a couple of varieties and then just the year. The 1924 census has 4 varieties and then simply 1924. Is 1924 a different coin or it has not been graded for varieties? 4) Is there a source where I can learn about the Venezuelan varieties? THANKS!!!!
  11. Please add the following sets: VENEZUELA: ¼ Bolivar, Silver, 1954, 1960, 1965, Circulation Issue SN: 4757517-012 / 4929458-013 / 2808211-005 Silver 5 Bolivares, 1879-1889, Circulation Issue, ONE PER DATE (THERE´S A SET WITH VARIETIES) SN: 2804425-036 / 2804425-029 / 2804425-020 / 4632732-002 Silver 5 Bolivares, 1900-1936, Circulation Issue, WITH VARIETIES (THERE´S A SET WITH ONE PER DATE) SN: 2815994-001 / 2804425-014 / 2808175-004 / 3641267-005 / 2669687-013 / 2835579-001 / 2791928-013 / 2809995-011 2815994-009 / 4460399-007 / 2841167-007 / 2818653-030 THANKS!!
  12. Hi! There are two sets that already exist which I list below: Silver 5 Bolivares, 1879-1889, Circulation Issue (with varieties) Silver 5 Bolivares, 1900-1936, One-Per-Date, Circulation Issue Please add two new sets: Silver 5 Bolivares, 1879-1889, One-Per-Date, Circulation Issue Silver 5 Bolivares, 1900-1936, Circulation Issue with varieties THANKS!!! Serial numbers: 1879-1889 1900 - 1936 2815994-001 2804425-014 2808175-004 3641267-005 3641267-005 2669687-013 2841727-001 2809995-011 2791928-013 2815994-009 4460399-007 2841167-007 2818653-030