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  1. A single sentence and its explanation are shown in the attached file. Image taken from my 2022 NMS presentation.
  2. Presidential Numismatic Artifacts (aka PNAs) with ties to President John F. Kennedy are limited to a single issue (based on current research). However, the backstory of how original recipients were awarded the medal is interesting to say the least. The Jack Medal. The original recipient of this medal was in the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland when he received this presentation piece. A letter of provenance was initiated with his widow when the purchase was made. The original recipient was employed by the Department of State. His obituary was located and is shown. Items redacted are for privacy. The Mary Gallagher Medal. Mary was the personal secretary of Mrs. Kennedy. This medal was purchased from her estate.
  3. Presidential Numismatic Artifacts (aka PNAs) is a term that I coined that classifies a group of US Mint coins and medals gifted by or awarded by a sitting US President or through his direction. How does one prove the presidential connection of a US Mint coin or medal? The answer is with proper research and documentation. This journal entry presents PNAs from President Dwight D. Eisenhower (there are three other modern US Presidents). The image below is of half dollar sized medal that was part of a 1959 presentation set (medal, card and envelope). My research indicates that only 91 presentation sets were awarded. President Eisenhower's 1960 Summer White House medal (Newport, RI) is the size of a US Morgan dollar. My research indicates that only 800 Newport, RI medals were manufactured. In all, President Eisenhower gifted/awarded a total of 20 different medal types that were manufactured by the US Mint. My research is published in two books. My last book : https://www.coinbooks.org/esylum_v18n31a06.html A copy of this book permanently rides in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. A updated version of this book is being written. My next journal entry will be on a PNA awarded by President John F. Kennedy.
  4. https://money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/the-unsung-first-day-issues The Unsung First Day Issues blog at the ANA
  5. Now wait a minute...I have a 1964-P (Philadelphia) Kennedy half dollar that was gifted by President Lyndon B. Johnson. His letter reflects the date of March 24, 1964. Does this mean I have in my possession a Philadelphia FDI version? I wrote a journal a few days ago on this coin. https://www.ngccoin.com/boards/blogs/entry/11571-what-about-my-1964-p-kennedy-half-dollar-first-day-issue/
  6. Checking the verification of the MS 65 FDI yields a population of 136 at MS 65 and 4 graded higher. Can it be assumed the remaining 1,860 are graded MS 64 and lower? Checking the verification results of the Choice BU FDI yields "In 63:0" and "In higher Grades:140".
  7. Yeah! The 1964-D FDI Kennedy half dollars graded by NGC has a population of 2000. My lonely 1964-P FDI Kennedy half dollar deserves to be graded and attributed as a FDI as I have a President Johnson letter! I purchased this gift set from the Congressman's estate. I also have a provenance letter (not shown) showing the full-chain of legal ownership (Congressman (estate) to DrDarryl). 1. The date on the letter is the FDI. 2. The text of the letter states "...among the first...". 3. Signature of LBJ 4. The White House stationary and envelope. I did ask the estate why its stapled (it was to keep the coin and the letter together). I did see one other gift set, but it was gifted to a Senator (listed on WorthPoint) and the coin was not stapled to the letter. This historic numismatic specimen has a FDI cousin. A FDI Eisenhower dollar gift set from President Nixon to the same Congressman. To be continued...