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Ahhh Man!!!! I gotta respond

Admiral Mike-migration


and hope I dont offend somebody.

For a second, I thought I was in a time warp and had been sent back to tradingslabs.com.

What is the purpose of this sight?? To share stories of coin collecting, insights, experiences, wishes, dreams of adding coins to our dream collections, history, ect. A journal does not have to be matter-of-fact data that will bore the "heck" (for you ron) outta the reader, rather it should be fun, fascinating and stimulate our passion for the coin and hobby.

I have not seen any official posting that may contain strict rules for what should constitute a journal entry, and truth be known, I haven't looked for that rulebook either (as a side note, when you are composing a post, there are some 'general guidlines'... though they are just that... nothing says...'Thou shalt not...) I have figured (perhaps incorrectly) that if NGC didn't like my post, it would simply disappear, much like what happened to a post of mine on tradingslabs.com. I figured NGC might email me those guidelines if ever I crossed over the line. To date, NGC has allowed all my posts. Even the ones where I was less than pleased with NGC service, and I even had a little fun at NGC's expense, and they allowed that too.

Personally, I like the stories, anecdotes, quips, details, pictures and all of this great stuff, related to our wonderful hobby. I have had a hellofagood time (sorry ron, that one slipped through) and I thank NGC for allowing all of us the opportunity to share.

This coin was a freebie from NGC, only had to pay $99.00 for shipping and handling. (It came with an annual CS membership too)

p.s. as of this morning, (Sunday 5/21) I had received several emails mentioning the earlier posts that were actually ads, that were subsequently pulled by NGC. I didn't see those ads, else I would have known what Dean was talking about. I very much agree with Dean and most others that no ads should be allowed. My post above still holds though, though no longer (and erroneously) aimed at Dean.

1994 ASE M



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