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I know the reason!!!

Admiral Mike-migration


Would you believe...

Yes, my friends, I know the reason for the extra long turn around times at NGC. We have been told they grade about 100,000 coins per month. I was wondering.."Are there really that many coins to grade each month?" I looked to Ebay for answers. I ask you to do the same... At the Ebay home page do a search on NGC Waffle. You'd be surprised how many listings come up. THAT'S the answer... NGC is encapsulating so many waffled coins, they dont have time for the regular paying customer. I mean afterall, they are collecting funds for putting these basically worthless coin wannabees into a slab. No fuss, no muss, no grade, no sense (or "cents")... just pure profit. Why waste time to have 3 people grade a coin when you have people sending in worthless garbage to have NGC certify that it is indeed worthless garbage. The only thing dumber than encapsulating these things are the people that spend 30-50 bucks to buy them. PT Barnum said it...(You know the saying)



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