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NGC Coin Values

Indiana Apostle



I too have been curious about the pricing of NGC coins. I have asked people who have been in the business for numerous years. They have all told me that NGC are not as strict in their grading as PCGS. I also hear that a lot more new coins are going to NGC. That being said, it appears to be a seller's market.

I do appreciate the two leaders of the "slab" community grading coins. It really helps out the Investors/Collectors. Of course the old adage about buying the coin, not the container, still is true.

I do have a "bone to pick" though. One would think that with all of today's technology someone would be able to come up with a computer and software that would grade coins. I know that it was tried in the past, but did not work out. I find that hard to believe today though. The world is full of fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, voice recognition scanners, etc. Would it be so hard to design a software program that would eliminate the guess work out of grading? Then the saying that coin grading is an art, not a science would no longer be true.

I am not talkiong about a different grading scale. (100 v. 70) Just let us take the guess work out of grading. Then All services would be the same. Then NGC and PCGS would sell for the same.

My personal collections consist of NGC business strikes and PCGS Proofs.

Talking about Proofs. If the mint made Proof coins for circulation (exepensive) can you imagine how many more collectors there would be? A Proof coin while not rare is beautiful. No one would want to spend any of their coins. lol

Well, enough rambling for today.

God Bless America!



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