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I added six new coins,one in which I won on ebay for a very fair price considering that it a 1942 5 Aurar in a NGC-MS64RB holder. Its a stuff coin to find that is worth slabbing since all the ones I have ever come across,which is many are always brown and full of contact marks and other not so nice looking things. This coin I have now has a very pleasing blood red color and nice surface condition. The other five coins I've had for about a year now and I still had my coupon for five free coin gradings and just got them back Monday,They did better then I ever hoped. They are a 1926 2 Aurar MS-65BN, 1937 1 Eyrir Narrow Date MS-65BN, 1937 1 Eyrir Wide Date MS-64BN, And the last two, 1939 1 Eyrir Large 3 and Small 3 with both grading a MS-64BN.

One of the upgrades was a 1925 10 Aurar that I have in MS-64 and now have in MS-65 which was rather cool.

But the best one is a new 1925 2 Kronur in MS-64, I have one in 63 but it took nearly eight years to find that one and is very rare in MS, You have all heard of when it rains it pours well after finding my first one a friend in Iceland got a very nice one few months later with only 3 to 5 known in the whole country and when checking the pop report for Iceland a few weeks ago I seen someone had one of these rarity graded and it came back as a MS-64, soon after that it showed up on Ebay well I won the coin at under Krause book value. Now just have to find a nice 1933 25 Aurar and the remainder is just a few common date coin that I may send in when i get my coupon next month. As far as the 1940 1 Krona and 2 Kronur proofs I don't think I will ever find, because I don't thing they exist. According to Harry Spencer that took note of every proof coin in the Royal Mint collections, He mentioned the 1,2,5,10,25,Aurar as proof but not the 1 and 2 K's

Below is one of the four Specimen coins I have from 1940 which are, two 1 Krona which was minted in a nickel looking metal and two 1940 2 Kronur which I have with two different metal types one which looks very much like a normal brass alloy and the other that was minted with the same nickel alloy as the 1 Krona,,,I think the nickel alloy is what was referred as proof back then.


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