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RE:OK Just exactly



The future of Coin Grading

RAM-VT Journal entry has sparked some ideas of want the grading system will be like in the future. I can remember as a kid looking at both the Redbook and the Bluebook and only seeing the one price for any coin in UNC only. The dealers back then would have a higher price's for those coins if they were better then most and even higher price for those that showed exceptional quality of preservation. Its always been a dealers game even before the Sheldon's scale was put in affect. After the grades of Unc, Ch-Unc, BU, and Gem-Bu has come and been accepted for a number of years, The coin dealers were very happy, but after a few years has past with this grading system well into affect they stated adding a (plus) sign next to the grade that they felt was a little bit better then the grade that they assigned to that particular coin, Thus pushing there asking price a little bit higher. Now all this did was to help confuse and make the new collector very weary of coin dealers because many dealers had over graded there coins in the first place and thus making it harder for the collector. By Know ANACS has come into the picture, but was not fully accepted because not many people liked the idea of having there coins entombed in plastic,,,I know I didn't, But the idea slowly became more and more popular because people started to awaken to the fact That the art of coin doctoring and other shady practices was well rooted in the coin hobby. Well then came PCGS and NGC, Both great TPG to give a more sense of worth and honesty to this great hobby of ours and making the coin dealers more respectable if not more honest. Now to the present time and with the introduction of the full 70 point system and its + and * designations pushing it to 30 to 39 different Unc grades as VAM-VT put it and with the CAC now in the picture, There is only one way we can go now with this is to take the human element of grading process and replacing it with a Super high laser scanner and digital electron microscope cameras that would be so sensitive That it would pick up every mark,blemish,toning with colors as well as all the features of the strike of the coin. Those giving us a 101 point scale for a MS-00 to MS-100 and now after something like this comes along it would also be applied to all grades below MS-00.... Another crasy idea would be if these machines can be installed, Like a ATM at all the Major coin shows and someday have a compact unit like the size of a scanner next to your laptop or a Apps for you IPhone, Don't laugh its right around the corner.

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