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Conditionally Back...



It's been a while.

I managed to make myself seriously busy the last few months. I obtained the B.S. in Chemical Engineering but I won't be starting work on a Ph.D until the Fall. I decided that I needed something to keep me occupied and I almost did the job too well.

I've gotten to continue my part-time job for the University (at a 7% raise since I'm no longer a student) and just for fun I decided to take art classes at the local community college just for fun. It looks like I'll be able to earn an AA in Visual Arts before returning to A&M to resume my engineering education. I've said before and I'll say again that a formal education in the arts, including things like printmaking, can really impact how you see this hobby.

During this time I've also been saving my money so I can get ready to (finally) move out and get my own place. That in addition to my time constraints have kept me out of the coin market for the last 4 months for the most part. I did decide to pick up a couple of coins just for fun recently though. I won an auction for an 1879-S Morgan dollar (NGC MS65) and shortly there after gherrman emailed and asked if I'd be interested in an extra coin. It fits into my signature set and it was the grade I like to buy so of course I was interested in that deal. I'm also continuing to look into small European gold coins from the turn of the century. I worked out a deal to buy a 1922B Swiss 10F coin (NGC MS65) and in about a week I'm hoping to work out the purchase of a Swiss 20F (NGC MS65), probably from the 1920s or 1930s. After that I'll probably slow down or stop again for awhile (shouldn't burn through too mcuh cash right now), but I've gotten to enjoy some nice pick-ups.

It's good to see the others are still having fun, even if they are finding mutilated coins from 160 years ago.




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