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Branching Into Notes A Tiny Bit.



Picking up a few silver certificates and maybe some FRNs

I've always found coin collecting more interesting and more rewarding than the idea of collecting paper currency notes, but I do have a certain fascination with the paper money, especially with respect to how the notes have changed (esp in the last 20 years) and how their meaning has changed (ie, the retirement of the silver and gold certificates and the closing of the metal exchange option, the rise of "legal tender").

I'm taking the first sets to what I hope will be a kind of note type set, starting with the small silver certificates and extending into the modern era with the redesigned FRN notes that continue to come out of the BEP. I've been realizing that there's a fair bit of "inside baseball" to note collecting and many distinct sub-varieties. I'm not really interested in getting that deep into the note collecting hobby (I'd rather invest such efforts into coins) but I am interested in nice representational pieces.

A part of me suspects that at some point we're going to have to explain what happened monetarily in the 20th century to later generations, and these notes are going to be part of the story. I want to have some of these notes with me and well preserved so I can show my nieces and nephews what it was like before everything became monopoly money (and assumed the value thereof). I want to show them the transition and try to explain how it happened.




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