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Reverse Journal Entry



The difference between what I say and what I do...

Sometimes I think I need to start making "Reverse Journal Entries." It would be kinda like reverse psychology except with journals. I look back at my old entries and I realize just how often what I say I want to do is the exact opposite of what I end up doing. Almost no goal that I set forth in a journal actually comes to pass, unless it's such a near term goal that it's already all but done.

Sure, I always have my reasons for changing my mind, and I think that decision making should be dynamic, but this suggests that I have an awful lot of flawed ideas if I re-think so many of them.

So, maybe I just need to start saying I'm going to do the opposite of what I'm planning to do. It might improve the accuracy of my journal planning.

I said I would collect civil war tokens and moderns last year. I focused on my signature set. (way more fun)

I said "it's panda time" and ended up buying kiwis and libertads, and britannias, and well... mostly anything but pandas... (I was finding good deals...)

I don't regret the collecting choices I've made in the last year. Quite the opposite, I just wonder why my mouth and my eyes (& wallet) are always in such different places.

Oh well...


Has anyone ever tried to collect quarters like this? Think it would work?




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