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Admiral Mike-migration


The NumisGod is smiling on me!!

My prize collection (well...someday I hope to win a prize for it) is my Eisenhower Proof Dollars. Currently sharing the number 6 spot. Well, my numisfriends, that is soon to change. I will be moving up to a solo position, perched in the number 5 slot. WOOHOO!!

I know this doesn't seem like a real big deal, as there are only 11 coins in the set, but let me tell you... some of them are pretty spendy and very hard to get.

The Proof-70Ultra Cams are almost impossible to find in auction or private sale, and even then they are thousands of dollars. So my complete set consists of 10 Proof 69 UltraCams and 1 Proof 69UltraCamSTAR!!

Well... This totally awesome husband/wife dealer in Mississippi have a 72 Ike PF69UC STAR, and they have just accepted a trade offer for it. I am soooo stoked!! I cannot believe it!! WOOHOO!! Sorry just hard to control myself knowing this baby is coming home to papa!

I will never be able to afford the 70's unless a heretofore unknown rich relative dies and leave me lots of cash, so I am going to try to build a set of as 69ucSTARS as I can.

I don't have this baby in my hands yet, but it is on the way... right now I have to be happy with the picture... and here it is!

Michael Cooper




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