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WHAT IF......

Wissahickon Collection


You contacted a coin dealer about a coin that you purchased from him, and he said...

Thursday, I called a dealer about a recently purchased coin. I first had to listen to a computer give me a list of options, as to why I was calling. I fell into the "all other " category. I was then transferred to a human where upon I explained the problem. A recently purchased silver coin has some very light spots appearing in the peripheral lettering, that I didn't notice when the coin first arrived. My concern is that the problem may be "active" and growing.

I was asked a few questions such as, "when did I buy it, when

did I first notice the problem, is the coin certified?" After a moment of silence, he responded that this really wasn't his area of expertise, but he would transfer me to someone who could help me.

When the new representative came on the line, I went through the entire background once more. We had a bit more discussion, then she said, "What denomination of copper is this?" I was a bit taken a back, and then told her it was a silver coin.

"Oh", she responded, "Copper is my specialty. I'm afraid I can't be of much help to you. Let me transfer you to someone with expertise in this area." So, back on hold I went. I was beginning to like the snappy music at the "Hold 'em site".

Finally, person number 3 was on line, and gave me ample opportunity to describe the reason for my call once more. He was extremely empathetic, and asked me if I could see the problem spots if I tilted the coin at his specified angles. Was I sure this wasn't just toning that I was mistaking for something else.

He didn't seem especially pleased with my responses, or convinced that I knew what I was looking at. However, after a scintillating 35 minutes on the phone he conceded that there might be a problem, and agreed to let me return the coin.

This all happened to me yesterday, absent one fact- It wasn't a coin firm. It was my cable company!!!

I just needed a place to vent. I've been blessed in having good relationships with some excellent dealers; however, yesterday's episode with my cable provider has given me all the more appreciation for the level of service I receive from professional coin dealers.



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