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Wissahickon Collection


Show Me The Truth.

(Journal Entry Now Completed.)As I have stated in previous Journals, the Registry has provided me with tremendous fun and entertainment:-opening and closing sets; playing "what if".-comparing my sets to those of others.- stimulating ideas for new collecting areas to explore.-great entertainment value when not making new purchases or running down a new "acquisition target".From the competitive point of view,, looking to improve one's own rankings vs. others is always fun, especially if you're gaining on 'em!And who doesn't like being #1, even if it's only in my own mind? I have a number of sets which are currently ranked #1 in their category, however, I know that in reality, none of my sets are the best in existence. In most cases, if not all(I haven't checked for certain), my #1 sets are a subset of a particular denomination. I have to look no further than the primary denomination to see one or multiples of superior sets. The owners simply didn't choose to click a button and enter their collections in the subset category and claim positions #1, 2, 3, 4, etc.So, I have no illusions about being #1. Being a bit detail-oriented (that's pronounced- collector), I frequently look at my coins and the registries and wonder, "What other collections are out there?"That question is the foundation of my registry fantasy. TO BE CONTINUED:Sorry for that interruption. I have been waiting for a repairman for a day and a half. I figured that if I started a Journal entry, he would show up. Sure enough, the door bell rang 15 minutes after I started typing. Fortunately, I outline my thoughts before writing. Now where was I? oh yeah...I wish there was a magic wand that could create a registry of every collection out there... all NGC, PCGS, ANACS, ICGS, DGS, and dare I say it, even RAW coins. This would allow my questioning mind to know how does "my" collection truly rank.I know this is impossible, but here's my rationale:1. Incredible entertainment value. I frequently look at a registry set and think, "That #4 ranked set is nice, but if all sets of these coins were known, is this a top 10 set, 20, 100 ?"Who knows? How do I really rank? Just my anal tendencies kicking in.2. I'm proud of the results that I've achieved in my years of collecting, considering the resources available. But...I'd love to have a truly accurate benchmark for comparison to see, "How'd I do?", compared to every set in existence. For a "real" comparison, I would gladly pass on the #1 certificates for a glimpse at the truth! So that's my REGISTRY FANTASY!!!



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