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Wissahickon Collection


"Many Faces of Eve" Complex.

All coins start their lives as discs of commerce- each one equal/ the same. Some are plucked from economic channels and begin their careers as numismatic objects.

As a collectible, they are different than an "every day spending" coin. They join a collection as a new kid on the block. They receive our attention; are judged as to how well they will fit in.

A few join as a Star of the collection immediately. They were acquired with that intention. They enter the collection with a "swelled head", inflated with a huge sense of "self-importance". Others grow into that "Star role". Over time, they gradually impress us, the collector, with their beauty (quality of strike, luster, toning, or some intangible) and grow into a starring role of the collection.

Some coins play a supporting role to the collection for their entire career: they are nice, complimentary to the collection, as a whole, but don't stand out. Some are stars who for what ever reason, have faded in our eyes, and now support the new stars.

And then, there are those coins which are certified, and pedigreed with an owner's name. They have become member's of a human's family- labeled and identified as different from all other coins for the remainder of their existence! How can one possibly avoid a huge ego under these circumstances?!

Frequently a new coin of the same date and mint mark enters a collection, and is considered superior by the collector. The "old" coin may have been a supporter or even a star, but now... he is the dreaded "inferior example". Wow... talk about a personality changer! This, however, is only a temporary status, because inferior will eventually transition to the "unwanted"; and finally to the "sold".

Coins do lead a rather emotionally traumatic life. But not to despair, for once sold, they start a new cycle with a new collector, and repeat the "multiple personality" process.

Maybe there is a career opportunity here as a Coin Psychiatrist.



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