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The Last Day...

Admiral Mike-migration


For my journal entry...

...into the Collectors' Society Inter-gallactic Hall of Fame or something on that order, so if I want to win one of those highly coveted icons next to my name, this had better be a doosey. Actually I think I will opt for the million dollar cash prize (paid one dollar a year for a million years). Winning would only mean that I, like any good irishman (Cooper is gaelic for "barrelmaker"), have been kissin' on that blarney stone 'n been giv'n the gift of a silver tongue. For you serious journal entrants out there, fear not. I have only been in this galaxy for a couple of months so I only have two chances of winning those big bucks, slim and none, so I thank God my only real reason for my journal entries is to have fun.

My hobby is fun, so why not have a little more fun by writing about it. My little boy, Gabriel, is 4 years old. He loves to sit by me when I am with my coins. He knows who George Washington is on the quarter, our first president, and that he (George) is dead. He knows that Kennedy is on the half dollar, and that he too was a president. He knows that like George, Kennedy is dead. Gabriel has decided he does not want to be on a coin cuz that will mean he was a president and he is dead! Truer words were never spoken.

In closing, on behalf of my wife, Jordan, and our nine kids (Nathan, Sarah, Levi, Elizabeth, James, Nicholas, Hannah, Elijah and Gabriel) Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah or whatever holiday festival you celebrate.


Michael W. Cooper



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