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Say Cheese Please

Admiral Mike-migration


Please, image your coins!

The beauty of this registry is that we are able to show off our coins... to strut our stuff.. brag. To have some pride in our selected hobby. We are able to do this in a secure environment, knowing that our collection is safe, where we want it to be. And even though you may keep it under lock and key, or perhaps it is just sitting under your bed, you are able to show what you have accomplished.


Many of our fellow members have images of some of thier coins and descriptions. Perhaps telling us how they accquired thier treasure, or some details of the coin, and that combined with the pictures is really what this is all about. Taking yourself, taking me and the other collectors back in time to relive a special moment in that coins history. When it became a part of your collection.


Now, I realize not everybody has a scanner or a good camera to take macro pictures of your coins, but if you do... please, please share those stories and pictures with fellow collectors who can really appreciate not only the effort you make in posting the pictures and descriptions, but appreciate the coin and the little history you give along with it.


It is amazing that of the approx 2000 members of the Collectors Society, there are only about 30 who have 100% of thier coins imaged.


I have a Cannon Lide35 scanner that I bought at Staples for under 50 bucks... less than a nice slabbed coin. Other pictures are taken with a sony P-92 digital with a macro/zoom lense. I need to retake a couple of shots as my lighting was not good and with a little luck, I will get to that this weekend.



Michael Cooper



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