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A Penny for Your Thoughts...

Admiral Mike-migration


... But not one of my new 2009 Lincolns.

It practically took an act of congress to get my 2009 cents, but it finally happened. I live close to Salt Lake City, and these new pennies were nowhere to be had. I went to Wells Fargo, the largest bank in Utah, they said "nope...no can do". Apparently we have a surplus of pennies already so the Fed in Denver won't send us any. So I went to my other bank, Zion's Bank, and basically I told the same thing. Fooey!!

I was able to contact the CEO of Zion's, and was quite surprised when he actually called me back, explaining the same thing Wells Fargo had said. I asked..."well.. seeings how it is MY MONEY... don't I have a choice in how I get my money back??" further, I explained that the Fed works for "US".

Seems like the Fed is trying to politicize the situation. Utah is staunchly conservative (except the socialist county of Salt Lake), so it would seem as though the Dem(on)'s don't want us conservative getting our grimey little hands on the coin that represents the quintessential .

Well... to make a long story short, I don't (didn't) give up and after a fair amount of badgering from me, Zion's Bank was able to obtain ONE $25 box of the new pennies.. 50 rolls. I got 10 of those rolls!! The others were sold before I left the building.

Happy Hunting,

Michael Cooper




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