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A Penny For Your thoughts... Part 2

Admiral Mike-migration


Trivia Time Again...

I am going to give away 2 rolls of the new Lincoln Cents. The first roll will be broken and I will give 1 of the new pennies to the first 50 people who email me their name and snail mail address. I will confirm your "reservation for a penny". Then you must snail mail me a stamp and I will have your new penny out in a jiff.

Now some of you will think "Dude... thats 42 cents to get one penny!!" Well... if you have been looking for these, and have had no luck, think, how much money will you spend in gas going around to the banks?" ect. So.. if you have one, please do not ask for one, so that those who dont, might get.

Now...part two, the roll. This is a OBW (String & Sons) 2009-D Lincoln Cent roll. It's trivia time!!!

You must e-mail me the answer. Winner selected from all the correct entries. Only one entry per person.

Question... The process of using aluminum, baking soda and boiling water, to remove silver sulfide from coins is called specifically what??

Answers must be received by Tuesday, April 28, 5:00pm Mountain time.

Good luck, have fun and NO USING THE INTERNET (except to email me!)... SCOUT'S HONOR!!

Michael Cooper




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