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Maybe they'll cancel my membership!

Admiral Mike-migration


This is a copy of my letter to Ms. Pierce. Customer Service for NGC.

Hello Ms. Pierce, If you have taken the time to notice, you will see that in the last week or so, several people have posted journal entries reliving not-so-great experiences with NGC's grading process. Each of these authors have received email back from others that have thier own horror stories. Somewhere along the line, your paying customers are going to say ENOUGH!! We, your paying customers, you know, the people who sign your paychecks, are tired of substandard service. We are tired of excuses. The only thing we really want is to get the service we have paid for. The service NGC says they will provide us for the money we paid YOU. It is my intention to keep bringing this matter to light. I will not be swept under the carpet along with your hopes of just quietly going away. My voice will get louder. Not only my voice either. I will post a copy of this letter to the journal entry along with my personal email address (imzadissir@<a href="http://aol.com">aol.com</a>) and try to get others to email me and add thier voice to mine. Collectively we can and we will make a difference. NGC will need to redefine thier level of service. NGC will need to post "realistic" estimated turnaround times and actual turnaround times. NGC will need to re-examine thier quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance to customer instructions. If NGC is going to take our money then NGC will be required to perform to stated expectations. To sum this up... do not take our money unless you CAN and WILL provide the services as stated. Respectfully, Michael W. Cooper


The actual grading at NGC seems to be exemplary, and we would expect that from NGC. The problem is the overall level of service. Many different "tiers" of service, each getting progressively more expensive, yet, generally speaking, the more you pay, the less service you get. The exceptions are the top two tiers and even then there could be problems.


NGC's reputation for grading coins (the actual grade) and the coin holder are pretty close to the top (I'd say in the top 2). However, I would like to see NGC's reputation for customer service to MATCH thier coin grades and holders. I dont think that is too much to ask for, and afterall, that IS what we are paying for.


I would be happy to collect your comments, both pro and con and forward them to NGC. In the interest of fairness, both to the cusotmer and to NGC, I will forward ALL comments received through this forum.



Michael W. Cooper



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