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Modern is Premium

Admiral Mike-migration


Most grading tiers running far behind...

Yes, my friends, <a href="http://you ca">you ca</a>n send in your coins for the upper grading tiers only to wait for an eternity (<a href="http://minus">minus</a> a day.. didnt want to exagggerate too much) to get your graded coins back. Recently I sent in to NGC to invoices. The first was for "Modern Service" at $11.00/coin (less my member discount), the second was for "Early Bird" service at $30.00/coin (less discount). The second invoice was mailed/received 3 days after the first. I received my "Modern" coins back 3 days ago, yet my "Early Bird" order (which is now dying of old age) is still "<a href="http://schedu">schedu</a>led for grading". The more you pay, the less you get. When <a href="http://I ca">I ca</a>lled NGC I was told that "Early Bird" was running 6-8 days behind, which is almost a full 50% behind the posted turnaround time. My question is, if they are going to <a href="http://inconvenience us">inconvenience us</a> with the late turnaround, why not get a discount in proportion to the lateness of our order. Makes sense doesn't it. When we pay for premium service, we should GET premium service, no <a href="http://excus">excus</a>es.



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