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Lincoln GEM!



Only 15 of these gems as of 3/6/09.

Now I own one of them!!!!!!

This one had been on ebay for about a month and a half, varying the type of auction and the price. I have been staring at it this whole time, wanting, aching, yearning to buy this probable once-in-a-lifetime coin.

I wanted this coin so badly to go into my mom's 1947 Birth Year set. Except for one coin to be upgraded and the four yet to be purchased, it is an all NGC MS67 set (one MS67 star designated dimes as well), nearly perfect in all ways, just like my mom before she passed in 1979 at the very young age of 32 (only by 17 days was she 32). I have been building this set since July 2007 and have not seen another 1947P cent in MS67, other than at auction and way out of my range.

When I saw the auction change the other day to a BIN with a Make an Offer, I reacted. I sent in my first offer and it was quickly rejected. I thought about this for a bit and convinced myself that this was very likely the only time in my life I would have an opportunity to own one of these magnificent coins in MS67. I raised my offer by $200 and submitted it again, keeping my fingers crossed. No immediate rejection this time. I thought to myself "Is this a good thing?" Turned out to be the right thing as I won the coin.

A truly monumental occurance happened for me in my coin collecting that day. Not only did I fill a vacancy in my mom's set, but with another perfect MS67! And what a point getter for a Lincoln cent to boot. Moved me back up to the No. 2 spot for that set after having fallen down to No. 5. I'll likely never be number one because of the monster dimes contained in the No. 1 set. But I'll have the pleasure of knowing I've built the best possible set I can afford when my all MS67 set is complete!

This one is for you MOM!




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