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An update on my last two months.

So much for following my "plan". I have severely steered off course but have made quite a few acquisitions lately. From mid April to todays additions I have gone from approximately position 1050 in the overall registry to position 792, where I now stand. Now for the "HOW" part...

I started out trying to complete my 2004 Mint Proof Set, which I have done. I am waiting on the 2004 Proof Clad Dime to arrive so I can enter it and officially achieve the No. 1 spot in that set. Well, that started me thinking about the state quarters.

So I jumped into those and have 28 of those in PF70UC (2 on the way and not yet entered). Then I thought to myself, "Why not work on the rest of the proof mint sets containing state quarters?" So off I went to buy more PF70UC coins for those sets. Then I read the Journal post about the Silver Proof sets and told myself "Buy the silver set coins first." Off I went again. You can check these sets out for yourself, if you like, to see where I stand.

At that point I was totally engulfed! Once again my little voice spoke up and said "You know, you should also complete your 21st Century Proof Set". Well I have done that now also. Another #1 to go along with my 2004 Proof Set and my 2004 Silver Proof Set.

This whole time another little voice kept saying, "Hey, you know you have all eight Presidential Proofs lying ungraded in your hand. Send those in to NGC and get some more PF70UC." So off I go to the Post Office. That little $100+ venture didn't turn out so well as all eight came back PF69UC. So what did I do? I bought a PF70UC so I could complete my 21st Century Proof set.

I won't even mention the Lincoln's, Jefferson's and Roosevelt's I also purchased during this time except to say these sets now stand at 13, 20, and 5, respectively.

Can we collectively agree that I am a numisaddict?

Happy hunting everyone!




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