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Surviving the worst week...



The worst week in 4 years of college...

Well my friends, this week has been truely painful. I've been working on a term paper in Process Safety Systems and projects in Process Dynamics and Plant Economics. I had a test on Friday that I didn't have time to study for (care to guess what that grade will look like?) and I have another one on Monday. Tuesday is an oral exam and my last lab report is due. Everyone in all my classes agrees, this is the worst week in 4 years.

It's so strange that the week before Thanksgiving is the week where college students look our most pathetic. My classmates and I are deprived of sleep and catnap whereever a couch or bench can be found, baths sometimes become a luxury, and in projects where you're in a team, tempers can get short.

It seems interesting that it's times like this were I make some of my more interesting and more meaningful coin purchases. Friday was payday and I decided to purchase a cool new coin: an NGC PF70UC 2006 $5 San Francisco "Old Mint" gold commemorative. That building survived the earthquake that nearly destroyed the city, just as I hope to survive this week which threatens to destroy my GPA...

I'm hoping that the coin will get to my house while I'm on vacation so I can see it before going back to school for finals. I'm also looking forward to more rest.

The registry awards happen to coincide with the end of the semester. My last final is on the 9th if I recall correctly and the awards close on the 10th. I should still be home enjoying a nice break when the ribbons are handed out. I still think I have a shot at a couple of #1 ranked sets. We'll just have to wait and see though.



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