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Four quarters make...



... (almost) an ounce.

Just for fun I've been putting what money I could towards adding some gold coins to go with my silver. I have about 60 ounces of silver and until October I only had 1/4 of an ounce of gold. This is of course because of the expense of the gold but the gold is so pretty and nice... so I decided that I just had to get some more of it.

Well, I got myself the Constitution commem for my birthday initially thinking that that would be my gold purchase for the year, right? Then I got to thinking and it occured to me that it might be fun to get 2 more quarter ounce coins (ok, technically the commems have 0.24185 ounces of gold, that's where the ALMOST comes from) and have (almost) a full ounce of gold. I then ordered the San Francisco "Old Mint" commem and now I've just placed an order for the James Madison/Bill of Rights Commem. That'll get me up to an ounce of gold (okay, it's about 0.97555 but who's counting) for the first time. I also really like having the Constitution bicentennial and the Madison coin that emphasizes the Bill of Rights together. 2 coins that honor the documents that state the founding principles of our nation.

My 1/4th ounce gold Eagle is MS70 but these 3 newer commems are all PF70. Though I'm not sure why I buy everything else in MS but usually only buy the commems in PF. It's just how I do things. I have 3 of the 4 coins with me at this point and they are so pretty. Gold is such a nice metal to look at, especially in Ultra Cameo. :) I may get a MS70 Constitution commem though... that coin design is freaking awesome!

Others would probably disagree but I like to get my silver and gold slabbed and in collectable forms (MS69/70 Silver eagles, 1 ounce art bars, etc). Yes getting it in this form means much bigger premiums, but I'm not just in this for an investment; I'm in it for something I can enjoy... and if the market goes ka-blewy then I have a "hard" asset. Also, I worry about a repeat of the gold seizure order of 1933. By the end, only artistic/numismatic pieces were protected from the government. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I worry that if the dollar becomes worthless bullion might not be as big of a safe haven as some hope. The government has already shown that they'll say "hand it over" if it becomes convenient.

On another note, with 39007 registry points I'm now very close to reaching the top 1000 in the overall ranking (currently 1003). It doesn't matter much but it's still fun to think about. :)



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