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Invest or Save....



I'm not sure what to do.

Well friends, I live the life of a poor college student. I live most of the year in a small dorm. My parents pay for my tuition, phone and car insurance. I work a part time job to pay for my food, medicine and most anything else I want while I'm up here. What's left after I pay for the necessities becomes my coin budget (coin collecting crowds pretty much everything else out of the discretionary budget).

1 other thing does manage to complete with the coins though. I set aside a little money with each paycheck (usually $50 or $100) that I promise myself that I will not spend. And I haven't. I've gone from being broke at the end of the summer to having about $900 "in reserve." That then becomes my problem. That $900 would buy some of the coins I really would like to get. I could even finish a set or two that are close to being finished. But the coins aren't particularly rare. There will definitely be opportunities to get them later. So I think I can afford to wait. Though I find that I have increasingly little faith left in the future value of the dollar and I get basically no interest on any of it. So it sits there shrinking in value... man, how I do hate inflation...

So what to do then? Do I break that promise to myself and "raid the piggy" so to speak, or do I continue to save it and not augment my coin budget with this savings?

hmmmm.... what to do, what to do....

I'll probably hold on to the money. At least a while longer. That's what I said I'd do. I like having the financial buffer and I hate to lie to myself.

I'll have to content myself by living vicariously through the boards and the journals.

As a small update to my last entry, the missing coins and camera have not yet been found... still.



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