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Case in Point

Admiral Mike-migration


Do I need to say more....(yes... I know...some of you are saying "PLEASE DON'T")...sorry.

I was really ticked when I read the last post from Herr Dinger (Donger), telling the world not to buy coins from ebay. This statement alone would prove the lack of knowledge he claims to possess.

I have been a buyer/seller of coins on ebay for about 9 years. My feedback as of today is 1101, with a total feedback of 1442, which translate into a repeat business of 24%. In all of that I have received only 2 negatives, and both were retaliatory for negatives I left them. I, like many ebay sellers, offer a 100% guarentee on the coins/merchanside I sell. So for some insufficiently_thoughtful_person to say "don't buy coins on ebay" is just flat out stupid. You cannot color that any other way. STUPID... PERIOD.

This is not to say you shouldn't be careful when buying on the net, whether it be ebay, yahoo or any of the dozens of auctions sites out there. Caveat Emptor... buyer beware. You are charged with researching your coin AND your buyer. Ask questions of the seller, ask questions of other buyers, check out the sellers return policy. There are several things a buyer can do to ensure a pleasant and safe ebay transaction. Whether it be coins, cards, candlesticks or candy. It all boils down to YOU the buyer doing what is necessary to have a great online experience.

There are awesome buys out there for those who take the time to check things out. I have bought many fine coins at discount prices... coins in NGC/PCGS slabs. I have also sold numerous coins for bargain basement prices. That's the chance I take when listing, and I cannot complain about it.

Go ahead.... buy on ebay, but do it right.

Michael Cooper

Ebay ID: Lilchpin

p.s. This coin is a 2004 Lincoln Cent, MS68 RED Prooflike, bought from my favorite dealer on ebay, Trixiesue2000. Pop is 1/0. Thats right ONE with NONE higher. Paid $90 for it, which I thought was a steal. I have been offered multiples for it, but it stays with me.

p.p.s. Sorry for two posts in two days.

p.p.p.s. You know the difference between being dumb and being stupid? People, like me, are born dumb. Can't help that.... stupid is something you grow into... like making the statement "don't buy coins on ebay"... that's stupid.




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