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Boy.. am I in a mean mood today...

Admiral Mike-migration


to be educated or blissfully ignorant...hmmm.

Dear Journal, I had to laugh at two recent posts. These coming from somebody who touts to be especially educated in numismatics. At first I thought, "This person cannot even spell, let alone be super educated as this person claims". Then I realized he is a foreigner, and just didn't bother to check the accuracy of his translation. So then I thought, "Well... how educated can they be that they don't check their work...hmmmmm". Then again, you have to wonder about a person who signs their open correspondence as "Mister". So are they really a "Mister", someone of importance, or just a wannabe with delusions of grandeur. Hmmmm.

Anyway.... being in a foul mood, as previously mentioned, I decided to point out to Herr Educated zee error ov is vays. My bad... but it was fun, so was the response. I just had to laugh and think "iznt hir ed-u-ka-shun wondrfl??!!"

I am not the most educated person in the world, or even the second most educated, though I think I might be in the top 3, or maybe it's the top THIRD, something like that. In reality, I am probably as dumb as brick, and I don't have a problem admitting that, but it sure is good to know, that from time to time, even on this esteemed website, there are people even dumber than me. Who-da thunk it!

This is a simply beautiful Double Thaler from Frankfurt. Dated 1861. A minor (von)ding(er) at 11:00 but otherwise, in my uneducated opinion, an awesome coin.

Mister Michael Wayne Cooper of Layton




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