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It Doesn't Get Any Better....

Admiral Mike-migration


...Than Coins on Coins.

We all love coins. Most likely one of the main reasons you are on this forum, reading this journal entry. We love these little metal rounds (most are round and metal, though I have seen coins shaped like a guitar, which is really wierd) because there are so many topics celebrated in the minting of these treasures. Cats, dogs, horses, flowers, olympics, presidents, whatever your particular interest might be. So, what is better than collecting insects on coins? How about COINS ON COINS! I have this really cool $20 silver crown from the British Virgin Islands dated 1985, proof. The obverse has the effigy of QE2 as do all coins of the realm, but the reverse has the image of the Spanish 1733 gold Escudo. That particular coin in uncirculated condition would be worth about 650-700 depending on which of the two mints it was produced at. (World Coins 18th Century 2nd edition (1997)).

The British Virgin Islands are just northest of Puerto Rico and comprises mostly uninhabited islets and a few larger islands that total to a massive 59 square miles with an equally impressive population of 22,016 which was according to the last official census. You could almost fit the entire country in Bill Gates' back yard.

I wonder why they feel the need to mint so many of their regular issue coins, for example, BVI started minting coins in 1973. From 73-84 (12 years of production) BVI minted 406,500 nickels. That is enough nickels for every man, woman and child to have 18 nickels in their pocket. Other denominations were minted in pretty much the same amounts. All this leads me to this comment and question...

The official currency of the BVI is the U.S. Dollar... why did they need to mint coinage at all when US currency and coin would suffice?? Enquiring minds want to know!

One last item, in 1985 BVI minted 25 different commemerative $20 coins. They were out to raise some serious bucks from collectors. Heaven forbid that our US Mint would do that! :-)

Have a great collecting week.


Michael Cooper




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