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Independence Day

Admiral Mike-migration


Liberty and Justice for ALL!!

We Americans or more specifically the citizens of the United States of America have more blessings than anyone on Earth. You can thank God (as I do) or Allah or your lucky stars for those blessings but no matter who you thank, we have them. We can whine (with a little cheese) about rising gas prices and the like, or falling home prices ect, but you know... we are lucky. we HAVE gas to buy, we HAVE a home to live in, we HAVE all that we could want or need. We have the right to practice our individual faith, to speak our mind, to educate ourself and our young. We can hold public office and we can read whatever literature is available. These are just a few of the innumerable blessings bestowed us by our forefathers and those who have been willing to make that ultimate sacrifice.

There have been other countries that espoused the virtues of liberty. I have mentioned three others in earlier posts. France, Peru and Panama. All depicting "Liberty" on at least one of their coins. I would like to mention another... and ask... "What the heck happened to Venezuela??"

Venezuela was the FIRST South American colony to rebel against Spain, way back in 1810. They fought long and hard to win independence, their LIBERTY, but liberty didn't happen until 1821. Even then, Spain didn't recognize the sovereignty of Venezuela until 1845. The coinage of Venezuela reflects her willingness to fight and die for LIBERTY. My, how things have changed though. Look at the leadership of Venezuela today and you have to ask... "What the heck happened to Venezuela?" We can only hope that she will once again become a country who loves the blessings she once had... the blessing WE AMERICANS still enjoy today. God Bless America!


Michael W. Cooper

This coin is from Venezuela. Dated 1926, 1 Bolivar. Mintage 1.0 million. .1342 ASW. As you can see, it says "Estados Unidos de Venezuela"... United States of Venezuela. In the legends, look, you will see Independence and Liberty.




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