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Viva Liberte!!

Admiral Mike-migration


Did the french title grab you? I probably mis-spelled it. Part 3 of my Liberty postings.

Liberty is something most of us seem to take for granted, yet there are well over a billion (1,000,000,000) people on this ball of dust who do not have that luxury. The luxury of speaking one's mind without being incarcerated (ooo a 12 letter word...just showing off my vocabulary now), the luxury of attending a house of worship, even the luxury of having more than one child (though you gotta pay for 'em all... I have 9 kids). These are some of the many freedoms we enjoy under the blanket called Liberty.

Several countries have minted coins that feature their own Lady Liberty. I have mentioned (and shown) Mexico and Peru. Also south of the border is Panama. They have a very beautiful Lady Liberty also, as shown below. Please keep the men and women who serve this country, in battle and at home, in your thoughts and prayers, and if you are not a praying person, thank and shake the hand of one of these brave people for defending your right to NOT believe. Everyone who serves the interest of Liberty and freedom for our country is a hero. They should be treated as such! I am not a veteran, I never had the priviledge to serve (medically unqualified), I am however, a grateful beneficiary of all those who have honored me and protected my family and I with their service. VIVA LIBERTE !!

This coin is from Panama. 1934 1 Balboa. KM# 13, ASW: .7735


Michael W. Cooper




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