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Liberty...Part Two

Admiral Mike-migration


Many have died for this cause, and not just Americans...

Back in February I posted an entry on Liberty. I mentioned that we (the United States) do not have a monopoly on the freedoms of Liberty, and I posted a picture of a very nice 1921 Mexican 2 peso coin.

Many have fought and many have died for the cause of Liberty in and for their country. I truly believe that Lady Liberty honors all those who gave and especially those who gave all. Every time a coin with Liberty is spent, or held and marveled upon, the cause of Liberty is brought to mind. Liberty honors those warriors everyday, as should we.

We, as a country, need to honor our protectors every minute of every day, not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day... EVERYDAY! We also need to remember and honor those who protect us at home, domestically... our police and fire departments and all those who respond to help in emergency situations.

I bring this to mind as a young nephew of mine is soon to be deployed to Iraq. He is 18. Army PFC. Just got married yesterday. He has been trained to find and explode IED's. My nephew, Carlos Markman, will be on the front lines, actually looking for those devices that have killed so many people...

You do not have to be for the war, or against the war, and those politcal statements are not to be posted on this forum. Just honor those who serve the cause of Liberty, and remember fondly the cause whenever you see a coin with Lady Liberty.

This coin is from Peru and of course features their own grand Lady Liberty. 1934, 1 Sol.


Michael Cooper




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