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Making a hard decision



During the last two weeks

I have gone through a variety of emotions ranging from pure anger, buyer's remorse, humiliation, sadness, pride, and so forth in terms of coin collecting. I even considered considered selling EVERYTHING! I did, for about a week, remove ALL of my sets from this site and revamp what I listed, to a degree.

Wiser heads prevailed and I've made an extremely difficult decision for me, one that I can live with and that family can "live" with.

From my previous journal entries, you know that I went on quite an eclectic binge several weeks back that only ended two weeks ago; I haven't even received all of the buys yet. Well, that binge didn't set well here at home (or with the bank). This decision was made to remedy the situation, hopefully.

Rather than taking the shotgun approach and adding a little (or a lot sometimes) to every set, I've had to regain my focus for the year. At the beginning of the year, I made a list of what I wanted to collect in 2008 and I have strayed severely from that list. I'll not go into the details but suffice it to say that very few of the many coins I have purchased thus far in 2008 were not on my original list. I've thought about my sets, my goals, my wants and desires and I have modified my list for the year.

Summarily, here is where I am headed for the remainder of the '08 collecting year.

Lincolns (Memorials mainly) but Wheats also;

21st Century MS and Proof sets;

2004 MS and Proof sets;

Jefferson Nickels MS and Proof sets.

Thanks for "listening" to the rambling and have a great night!




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