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Speaking for the little guy



I've been pondering this issue for two days now.

I've read the posts and taken in the opinions; thought some, stewed some, pondering more, written down some thougts. Here is a summary of all that "mental" work.

From what I've read, most of the respondents about the registry points/coins in set/completion/etc topic believe there should be some sort of Society governed restrictions/guidelines, if not just some sort of self-control and personal management.

Speaking for the little guy, I must strongly disagree. I shall base my "argument" on my own situation. I'll start with some figures:

72 - total # of sets in my registy

65 - sets I can reasonable expect to finish

64 - sets with less than 10 coins/set

42 - Top 50 sets

26 - Top 20 sets

15 - Top 15 sets

10 - Top 10 sets

3 - Top 5 sets

1 - No. 1 sets

7 - sets with at least 50% complete

#13 - Lincoln Memorial set, only 35% complete

#8 - Clad Roosevelt set, only 12% complete

#8 - 1996 Proof Mint set, only 25% complete

#4 - 1946 Mint set, only 53% complete

#3 - 1947 Mint set, only 64% complete

Why all of the numbers? I am an engineer by trade and I guess that is the way our sometimes over analytical minds have been trained to look at and solve problems.

Let's discuss some of these numbers. I'll start with the '46 and '47 mint sets. Why have they been created? Birth year sets for my Mom and Dad. Goal of these sets? Complete the best sets I can possibly afford. Reason for setting idle for months? For the 1946 set, it will take approximately $8,000 to complete with the grades I want and the coins I need are hard to come by. For the 1947 set, another $6,000 to complete it and hard to find coins. Both sets have less than 10 coin slots filled. Should they be in a Signature set or not have the points count towards my total?

Next? My pride and joy of all SETS. My Lincoln Memorial set. It is only 35% complete but it is ranked #13. Surely these points shouldn't count in my total, now should they? I only have 43 of the required 123 coins for this set. I know, I'll put them in a Signature Set called "vumc409 worthless copper".

What about that #8 1996 mint set? How in the heck did those points get counted? I only have 2 of the requisite 8 coins, a mere 25%. Keep that pristine PF70UC 25c out of the registry until you can show some real intention of completing that set of hard to locate coins!

And let me also mention that #9 1896 Mint set in my registry. Only one coin and a mere MS63 Morgan at that! Now why on God's green earth would I have created a set for that one coin (I already have the Morgan set containing an astonding 4 coins at MS63). Suffice it to say that it is to commemorate one of the most worldly knowledgeable persons I ever had the pleasure of meeting, my wife's maternal grandmother. She lived in 3 centuries, yep 3, and was a school teacher in a one-room school house. She was later a buyer for Kauffman's Dept. Store (you know, the Falling Water Kauffman whose home was designed by Frank Llyod Wright). This is one of those sets that will probably never be completed because of the sheer cost and availablity of the coins - between $10,000 and $50,000 dollars depending on the grades of the coins.


Everyone on this site started from NOWHERESVILLE, zilch, notta. When you are on a limited budget, it takes time to work on these sets. Do I like to collect them for posterity, beauty and history alone? Yes, and No. But we have the Registry. It IS about collecting. It IS about competition. It IS about recognition. Why else would we be here? Some say for insurance. Sure, but can't you create a spreadsheet for your coins and keep all of the photos on your computer? Most of us probably do that anyway. I know I do for backup - what if this site crashed or the server burned or was stolen?

Speaking for myself, I have my coins here for all of the reasons I mentioned above and then some. Admit it. So does everyone here. Everyone works hard to collect his/her piece of coinage. Why shouldn't they be allowed to earn points just like everyone else? So what if it is 1 coin in one set or 100 coins in two sets? Besides, if it is just a few coins, that set is probably listed near the bottom of that sets' ranking (with a lot of mine). Gives that person something to strive for. If it is in your way, gives you something to strive for.

If we are going to use points comparisons or completeness to judge whether or not we should be allowed to accumulate points or whether our sets should be relegated to Signature Sets, then compared to Gardner's sets with 4.4 million points, NONE OF US belong to be here. PERIOD!

Simply put, collect and be happy with what you obtain!

PS - Only 8 coins in this complete set. Can anyone think of a Signatue Set name for this collection until it is worthy of points?




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