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Iceland (1940) The Copenhagen and London Mint's



1940 OR BUST

Coins from Iceland are not as easy to find in mint state as you may think for the year of 1940. The denominations of 1 Eyrir, 2 Aurar, 10 Aurar and the 25 Aurar are not as hard as the 5 Aurar, and the 1 Krona and 2 Kronur. Not that the lower denominations are easy. The 2 Aurar has two mintage's one at the Copenhagen mint (then became nazi occupied)Copenhagen mint of 257,280 and then the London mint at 1 million coins for the 1940 2 Aurar. The most difficult of this year is the 5 Aurar and the 1 and 2 Krona coins. The 5 Aurar with a mintage of 1 million coins , I have only found 1 with enough red in it that it might grade a red or red brown but is it a mint state coin. this is the best one i have found so far. Like the 2 Aurar the 1 Krona has two types one being the Copenhagen mint with a mintage of only 209,495 and the London mint with mintage of 715,000 for the year of 1940 and both are hard to find in good mint state grade. I have the 1940 Type 1 with good luster but is it a unc? I would be very happy with it being a AU-58 like the Type 2; 1 Krona I have in a ngc slab. Now comes what would properly be the hardest one yet for this series is the 1940 2 Kronur with the mintage of only 546,000 coins. I have two but at best they are in ex-fine condition nothing worth sending to NGC. The 1940 2 Kronur are so much harder to find the key dates for this coins. I spend a lot of time on the computer searching the net for Icelandic coin and coin auction archives and not to forget Ebay, not once have i seen anyone offer a 1940 2 Kronur in mint state for sale or ever been sold. Like U.S. coins with high mintages and higher price tag for UNC coins, there just is not any around to be had. Now I have in two PCGS slabs a 1940 1 Krona and a 1940 2 Kronur Specimen coins. now only a hand full of this specimens wore struck and that was for the some 4 or 5 museums in the British empire Thank you for reading my journal and i hoped you enjoyed it.



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