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End of 2007 Trivia Contest

Admiral Mike-migration


Win a CASH prize!!

I wanted to finish off this year with a little fun, so here goes... first the rules...

1. I make the rules. Rules are subject to change at any time for any reason.

2. Winner will probably be selected at random from all correct responses. Winner could also be selected by my Ouiji Board, who knows.

3. If this does not seem fair... DONT PLAY!

Before I get into the details of this contest, a CS friend of mine earlier this year posted a contest, and I just loved the rules he put down, and it was fun for all... at least I thuoght it was great... so this is kind-a modeled after his contest.

Alright... the details.

"Debasing" is basically the adding of alloy metals to gold or silver coins. Generally to give the coin strength and durability. Though in the past some coins were debased to save money. One of the worst examples of debasing is the coin pictured below. The monarch shown on this coin debased his coins to the point where they were one-third silver and two-thirds copper.

Your challenge is two-fold.

1. Who is this monarch?

2. What was the contemptuos nickname given to him after this particular coin was issued?

The Prize... As promised, the winer will receive CASH. It is a 1963B One Dollar FRN "Barr" note, Kansas City (J) FRB. Circulated. Value 2 bucks, give or take a dollar.

My family and I hope you have all had fun this last collecting year, and pray that the next year, 2008, will bring prosperity and happiness to you and your families.

Michael & Jordan Cooper along with our children, Nathan, Sarah, Levi, Elizabeth, James, Nicholas, Hannah, Gabriel and Elijah.




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