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Shouting will do no good!!

Admiral Mike-migration


Learn!! Educate yourself...then you can make wise coin collecting choices!!

The only good shouting will do is perhaps relieve a bit of the frustration you might be feeling at the moment you realize the coin you bought was indeed cleaned or that MS63 is really an AU50. It happens alot and the sad thing is... it doesn't have to.

We must all realize that when buying raw coins on the net, you are basically buying that coin sight unseen. Yes, the seller will have a picture posted but what good is that. Too many times the pictures are very poor quality, and very seldom will you see a close up picture. How about asking questions? If the answers are vague... RED FLAG!! How about a return policy?? No return policy, no money from me!! How about their feedback?? We as buyers need to research the seller and ask questions before we send out our hard earned money.

Buying a slabbed coin is a piece of cake.. if slabbed in a major TPG holder, chances are that we will get what we paid for. Buying raw coins on the net will take some real effort on our part. We cannot buy raw coins on the net on faith alone and then cry foul when things go wrong.

Buying raw coins is best done in person. Go to a local dealer. If they are not too busy they will be happy to spend time with you. As a business person they will want your money... but not just once... they will want a life long customer so it is in their best interest in making you happy. Ask this new friend "How can I tell if a coin has been cleaned?", "What is the difference between the large date and the small date?"... things like that! Very few dealers make it by selling one-shots... they need and depend on repeat business and word of mouth advertising. While at the coin store... go through their coin bowls... many treasures have been found and will continue to be found in these bowls of waiting-to-be-found gems. Afterall... isn't half the fun in the search??

On behalf of my wife and children, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Happy Zwanza or whatever your faith may celebrate. If you have no faith...man it sucks to be you this time of year!! I really tried to be P.C. but I just couldn't...

This coin, I bought at my local dealer in Salt Lake City, Ace Coins. Under magnification it has a nice strike doubling. Nice coin and only cost me 12 bucks. I am happy.

Michael & Jordan Cooper with the kids, Nathan, Sarah, Levi, James, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Hannah, Gabriel and Elijah.




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