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Monarchs on Coins

Admiral Mike-migration


4 Queens and 9 Kings would make this a killer poker hand.

I guess the Kings should come first, as techically they do outrank a Queen, but ladies first. This weekend I was going through some of my coins and I was surprised to see the number of British Monarchs that have been depicted on their (The UK and the Commonwealth) coins. I am quite certain I do not have all of the differnt Monarchs or their different effigies. My collection comprises 4 Queens and 9 Kings, for a total of 13 monarchs, with a total of 27 different effigies. WOW!! Gotta love them Royals.

My collections includes the following:

Please assume that I have paid proper respect and placed the letters HRM before each title.

Queen Anne - 1

Queen Elizabeth I - 1

Queen Elizabeth II - 4

Queen Victoria - 9

King Charles I - 1

King Charles II - 1

King Edward VII - 1

King George III - 1

King George IV - 2

King George V - 2

King George VI - 2

King William III - 1

King William IV - 1

I have always been fascinated by English Royalty. I love my country and the system we have. I just like the mystery, the intrigue and even the history of the British monarchy.

This is a 6d dated 1571 (date on rev), HRM Queen Elizabeth I


Michael Cooper




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