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Dear Journal...I didn't know...

Admiral Mike-migration


The ANA controls ebay coin auctions.

I found this out the hard way, this week. ANA has cancelled two of my ebay auctions... and what's funny, both auctions were for the same coin!!

No... I wasn't selling the same coin twice at the same time... that is unethical. I ran an auction that ANA said had a misleading title. I promptly told ANA what I thought about their organization and suggested they clean up their own house before sticking their business into mine. I revised my listing a bit, to include their concern but alas, it wasn't enough. They didn't like the suggestion I made so they (the ANA & Ebay) cancelled my auction.

Afterwards, I rewarded the auction, deleting the "offending" language, adding clarification and, I must admit, a bit of sarcasm directed to the high and mighty ANA. They cancelled the auction AGAIN!! This time they said it was cancelled because raw coins cannot have a numerical grade in the title. Well...my friendly journal... this is NOT a raw coin. As stated in the description it was graded by PCI as VF20. If they had bothered to read the description they would have realized this. But no.. they cancelled my auction for a second time.

I now have it running for a third time, with even a picture of the slab holder... I wonder what the reason will be for cancelling it a THIRD time. It should be fun!!

See what happens when the new ANA board took over... coins on ebay will NOT be tolerated!! The ANA has it out for my auctions. I wonder... when I list my other collectibles, will ANA have those auctions cancelled too? Why do we pay good money to ebay when they let third rate companies control what is listed, how it is listed and what determines a fair value. Cancel my auctions twice, but let them keep all those Chinese auctions for fake morgan dollars going.

Viva la ANA.... Not!!! They make me want to puke... as a matter of fact, I think I will... brb .... THERE I feel better.

Respectfully (except for the ANA)

Michael Cooper




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